Becci Burrows-Watson, Commercial Operations Manager

Warwick University

“Our initial foray into building a relationship with Ordamo was through recommendation and with the blessing of a highly security-conscious IT Manager.

From a support, development and (crucially in these times) cost perspective, I cannot recommend Ordamo highly enough. They are nimble, un-pretentious and forward-thinking in their approach and have allowed us to view our joint venture as a learning curve owing to the multi-outlet, multi-faceted nature of our operations.

The product that Ordamo offer is neat, well thought through and user-friendly, alongside allowing complete flexibility to mould it to reflect specific business needs and brand values. There is a huge value in its’ simplicity and – as an operator – an even greater value in the team that power it.

The cost to us has been negligible compared to other options thrust at us at the beginning of the new enforced way of working and has dragged us (minus the kicking and screaming) into a way of working we had long been considering but hadn’t had the gumption to explore.

There has never been any irritating “sales pitch” from the Ordamo Team, never any over-promising and under-delivering and only a firm commitment to ongoing product development alongside a genuine excitement about new functionality and possibility.

I would be more than happy to give more detail to anyone considering the leap into this form of support – Ordamo have made it spectacularly easy and cost-efficient from day one.”

petar kolev, restaurant manager

St. Martins Lane Hotel - Central London

“At the beginning of the process, I was researching through a massive amount of different platforms. Originally, I was only looking for a digital menu and did not consider digital ordering too. But having chatted to someone from Ordamo, I understood the possibilities which technology opened up in hospitality operations, and what order & pay could do. It became clear that now is the moment for hospitality tech—in the present, not just in the future. As a result, I was intrigued by implementing Ordamo, and especially interested in integrating the system with our POS.

Every communication I had with the guys from Ordamo made me sure that I had made the right move, whether it was the initial meeting with Simon or the exchanges with the rest of the team. Everything was easy, from set-up to amendments, and the team always kept in touch. Nothing was too much trouble.

Ordamo have helped me hugely. The interface is easy and simple to navigate for everyone, and I’ve never had any trouble with guests ordering through it. I started without a physical menu, and, truthfully, I would be lost without Ordamo. I am managing to operate two outlets with only one person on shift, reducing my payroll costs by 33%.

I am positive that when business picks up again, Ordamo will bring even greater benefits and continued improvements to my operations.”

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