contactless digital ordering system


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An easy-to-use, contactless ordering system with multiple ePoS integrations. Contactless Order & Pay is free to join and fast to set up. Whether you run a small coffeeshop, a gastropub or a restaurant, our digital QR menu platform empowers hospitality operators to transform customer experience and streamline their ordering process. As a result you’ll turn tables quicker, free up staff and increase average spend per head. 


contactless digital ordering system

Digital menu tablets

Table service with a twist

Streamline front-of-house operations and improve the pinch points of service with customer-facing tablets. Electronic food & drink ordering has never been easier!

A user-friendly tablet contactless ordering system that improves the casual dining experience and increases profitability by doubling down on efficiency. 


contactless digital ordering system


Best in Class Efficiency Highly Competitive Prices

Ideal for quick-service restaurants! Similar to our contactless ordering system, our self-ordering kiosks let operators create a frictionless dining experience. Customers can browse the menu, select their dishes, and pay, all via touchscreen and integrated payments. Unlock revenue through suggested item pairings, lower staff costs, and higher customer spend. In addition you are offering your guests a safe & secure environment that  focuses on speed and therefore minimises congestion.

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