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The Ordamo Waiter Module is a sophisticated, tablet-based messaging and ordering system which provides your front-of-house teams with a full picture of what is happening in their section, whilst also being a perfect accompaniment to the customer tablet menu. The tablets can be allocated to key front of house members, or indeed the whole team, depending on what works in your restaurant.

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So how does it work?

Once a customer arrives at your restaurant, their waiter will assign a Tablet Menu to the customers’ table through their waiter device, ensuring that both the table and diners’ menu are highlighted as “in use “ to the rest of the front-of-house team.

Their waiter will then take initial drink orders through their waiter device, or leave the table to allow guests to order directly through their digital menus. With an Ordamo Waiter module, your servers are empowered to provide outstanding service to every customer, every day. Most importantly, they will never be oblivious to a customer trying to get their attention. Each customer has the ability to “call waiter” through their tablet menu, which sends a message directly to the waiter’s device for them to action.

What about section management?
Each customer call is timed, which allows waiters to prioritise tables accordingly. Too many tables needing one waiters attention? No Problem. The Ordamo Waiter tablet allows the waiter to manually send customer requests to other waiters. If a waiter takes longer than 2 minutes to respond to a customer, the call will automatically be pushed out to the rest of the servers to ensure customers are never left waiting.

Can managers monitor waiter performance with the device? One of the key benefits of the Waiter tablet means that your team’s time is managed more efficiently. This translates to happier front-of-house teams, more engaged customers and a smoother operation. Waiters will have the ability to use their time to provide excellent customer service, confident in the knowledge that if a restaurant customer needs them, they will be immediately alerted. If, however, as sometimes does happen, something is missed and management need to communicate this to their teams, they have the ability to send a custom message direct to the team members’ device through the Management Platform.

This is all great, but what about the bottom line? Generating profit for your business is always a priority with Ordamo. We understand that an extra drink or dessert can mean the difference between success or failure, which is why upselling is a fundamental component of the waiter tablets. In addition to being able to edit or add items to a customer’s order, each waiter tablet suggests dishes to diners based on items that compliment what they have already ordered, together with items you specifically want to sell on any given day. Uniquely, waiters can also add a special note to each dish, should a customer request a modification outside of your standardised menu and modifiers.