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Using our restaurant management platform, operators can take advantage of valuable data provided by the management tool to gain real-time insight into the performance of the front-of-house team, a customers’ favourite dish and their thoughts on service and ambience. The analytics provide operators with a wealth of opportunities to improve their processes and market to customers. 

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Want to know what your best dish is? 
Through our restaurant management platform, your customers can provide real-time feedback on every dish and drink.

Want to know which descriptions drive your customers to place an order?
The Ordamo restaurant management platform can tell you which of your dishes customers recently viewed, but decided not to choose.

Want to know which member of your front-of-house team is providing the best customer experience?
The Ordamo Waiter Service will tell you which member is serving the most tables and delivering the best customer experience.

Want to know which member of your front-of-house team is the best at upselling?
The Ordamo Waiter Service will to tell you which member sold the most every hour of every day.

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Want to track the quality of your dishes? 
If customers are all rating a single dish poorly, you know something's going wrong in the kitchen.

Is there anything else you'd like to know?
We can bespoke our restaurant management platform to produce information relevant and valuable to your business.

The restaurant management module can be accessed through a web browser and would typically be used through an office PC.

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