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Extensive and thorough development has gone into producing our interactive, tablet menu to ensure that we are delivering the most sophisticated and tested interactive, tablet and app based menus for hospitality operators.

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So how does it work?

With Ordamo, your menu is transformed into a bespoke, tablet-based representation of your brand identity and menu offering, which is available to customers at the start of their meal.

By selecting an Ordamo interactive tablet menu, customers will no longer need to catch the attention of a waiter to place an order or request their bill. The carefully designed application will guide customers through a simple menu layout, recommending dishes and drinks that best complement their meal.  Importantly, customers will have the ability to filter the menu according to allergen and taste preferences. They can also click on specific items to obtain more detailed information on each dish. When ready to place their order, customers can effortlessly “Tap to Add to Order”!

What if my customer needs help?

Ordamo’s digital tablet-based menu has been created to make the transition from paper to digital as natural as possible for your customers. However should your customers have any queries, calling a waiter over is as easy as pushing a button.


What about payment, loyalty and marketing abilities?

Following their meal, customers select “Bill Please” and their waiter will be prompted to come over and take payment as normal. (An integrated payment solution is also available). While your customer is waiting for their bill, they will be guided to a customised feedback form which will prompt them to rate dishes, service and experience. They will also be asked if they would like to leave their email address to join your customer engagement/loyalty scheme. An Ordamo digital tablet menu obtains up to 500% more email addresses and customer reviews when compared to popular review websites for the same restaurant. If you’re running a particular event, promotion or sponsorship, this is also where it would be promoted.

What Hardware do I require? See Hardware Guidelines 

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